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Can I have more than one account?

No, each person is only allowed one account. If a person is found using multiple accounts any and all prizes will be void for all applicable game periods and all accounts will be suspended. All player privileges may be revoked indefinitely.

Do I need to provide the correct registration information when I sign up?

Yes, prizes will only be sent to the registered player information on your account. Additionally, if you don't provide the correct information, your credit card will be denied when you use the Upgrade option.

How does the email validation process work?

To prevent automated sign-ups and multiple account abuse, your email address will need to be validated upon registration. Please click the link emailed to you after registration to activate your account. Keep your login credentials private. DO NOT give it to anybody. We can not be held responsible for any loss in your account due to misuse of your password.

What if I do not receive my validation email?

There are several possible reasons if you did not receive your validation email:

- your spam filter has caught the validation email, please check your spam mail
- your ISP has a spam filter that caught the email
- your mailbox is full or some other reason that their ISP might reject the mail
- you entered an incorrect or misspelled email address during registration

If you entered the correct email address and the verification email is not caught as spam, you can request to have the verification email resent by clicking here.

If none of these options work please submit a support ticket.

Why does it say that my email address is already in use when I sign up?

You or someone else has already registered an account using your email address. Please use the Lost Password feature to obtain your login credentials.

Do you sell any of my personal information to third parties?

No, we respect your privacy and we consider your data private. Your information is only used for account verification, prizes, newsletters, and updates. You can find more information concerning your privacy can be found in our Privacy Policy

Does is cost anything to play?

Game play is absolutely free! If you need a boost to pull ahead of other players, you can purchase additional perks from the Upgrade page but you are never obligated to do so.

Who is eligible to win prizes?

Anybody who is a registered member of Midnite Challenge is eligible to win any prize within the game. People employed by Kaos Logic are ineligible, however, this does not include forum moderators and/or administrators.

Can the same person win multiple prizes in the same game period?

Unfortunately, you can only claim one (1) prize per person per game period.

Do the prizes have a cash value and can they be traded for different prizes?

Prizes have absolutely no cash value. Prizes can not be traded except for equal value of in-game purchases. Prizes and shipping fees are non-negotiable.

How do I receive a cash prize?

Cash prizes will be paid to the winner via Paypal only. If you do not have a Paypal account, you must sign up with Paypal to claim your prize. Winners are verified following each game period through our auditing process. This process can take up to 60 days from the end of the game period.

Paypal payments will only be made to the email address associated to the Midnite Challenge account of the winner, absolutely no exceptions.