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Full Version: clock timer
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Cres Please post the timer on the clock , helps out the others for fair game play .

please watch at the end of all games as you know there is multi's and noway 1 person can ever win against them as they stage top middle and lower then their enemies, so you will see the players that stop will get on there other accounts and attack from each account as they try and go to top these is not friends playing together to help out each other these are multi's ,I just dont have the time to play there game and run that many multis take away the calendar's so they cant be stolen and that would help out some from the mulies as we could max out calendars and if they dont race to lvl 50 then their callies would be less or if they get loss they dont make as much as the ones with no loss so this could help out alittle or just get rid of all multi's, I remember you ban my son b4 and we were legit players playing on different pc most the time if I wasn't home he would jump on mine to play his account cause I had a better pc them him I say video every account the person on that account look at all the back ground screen shot it compare with the other names and you will weed out the multi's if they dont want to video with you thats cause they have a multi or trying to find a way to do sowithout you knowing