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Full Version: HIN Feb 25 2006 Pics
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mynamewasbad Wrote:[Image: IMG_1170.jpg]
OMG ITS MY COUSIN Confusedhock:
now i know why she couldn't make it to the FAMILY PARTY this saturday! :roll:
BlackWidow™ Wrote:[Image: DSCN0971Small.jpg]

looks like Alie Layus <3 her

quite the last name tho rofl =z

^agrees super gorgeous... and Layus sounds so inviting :twisted:
Outkast Wrote:nice cars and some decent girls

what cars?
Ziggy Wrote:
Outkast Wrote:nice cars and some decent girls

what cars?

you seriously need to start looking for better breed of females... ._.
hey, the chick that randy posted was pretty damn good lookin and i'm talkin face...... any chick can have a great body, ur either golden or DOA on teh face thing at birth. but yeah, most of the chicks pictured were butter faces :?
someone posts that line every car related thread.

i was just seeing if i got the same responce and clearly i dont Sad

nvm zur, ill come see you soon
yup, and call me at normal hours next time when you decide to randomly text me -.-
you never tell me which timezone youre in so when i randomly txted you in my lunch break i assumed you were still in langkawi :oops:
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