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ingame name: romeo_teaching

i currently am running a crew for anyone who is serious about learning to play and be active, so read this then hit me up in game for anything else.

Ladies and Gentleman, im posting up a readers digest on an appropriate way to start the round for n00bs.
I cant count the number of people asking me what to do at the start or how i get so high. without yet spending.

If any one in game asks you or even if they dont, LINK THEM TO THIS B1TCH.

Firstly, for all of you who can already play the game dont comment on how my guide can be improved, if you have
your own style of starting thats fine keep it to yourself.

do not discuss where it can be improved or il lock the thread.

This is roughly how i start, and by the looks of things over the last 3+ years its bin working just fucking fine.

I would also like to appologise for the number of spelling and gramatical errors you will encounter during this guide,
as its easter sunday morning, im tired and busy at work but would like to get this done.


Lets assume your a non member, though if you wanna compete your gona need to get one at some stage,
but we can do without it as most reading this will be non member.



You start off with like 10k starting cash i think, and 1000 credits, purchase a car first like a honda FIT.
During this whole process you want to focus on purchasing the most expensive parts at all times, also
you wanna focus on making your car fast, ignore Pimp factor it wil come as you are installing power mods.

You can be cliche' and use the VW GTI but its shit house, so lets stick with using the honda FIT.
Purchase this car $5800, now u got $4200 left, put on the $695 NOS, now you have $3505 now put on
the Exhaust that cost $995 and you have $2510, Install Test pipe and you will have $2215, Purchase

100 Fuel
10 Nos
1500 Calenders

You have left $15, buy urself some lunch =P. in the next steps, when you cruise and work if
you lose Import Models, you wil obviously need to use credits and cruise them back, this is the
reason a membership will come in very handy, you want to keep a steady amount of IM's.
Obviously if you lose 100 IM's dont continue the guide unless you have those IM's back.

Cruise 250 Credits (10 credits at a time), then work 100, cruise 50 more(10 credits at a time),
then work another 100. make sure your bank roll is around 7k if not go work another few creds.
now go Tuner Shop and purchase Supercharger and Intercooler and then buy another 1000 Calenders
and work another 100.

You should have around $5000, if not purchase 500callies and cruise/work a little more, then go
Tuner Shop and buy a throttle body, Super charger intake and 1000 calenders.
Cruise 40 Credits (10 credits at a time), then work another 100, i have 275 IM's as this point.
I have 6k bankroll, purchase ECU / PISTONS / CAMSHAFT / HEADER and then another 1000 calenders.

Now you have all your Power Mods, and a decent PF, work another 50 Creds and go to
Tuner Shop and purchase level 1 Weight Reduction. now go to the DYNO.

Dont waste time and credits here, the first point should sit between 12 and 13 or 13 and 14.
Lets assume its between 12 and 13, you want to make the line go from left to right as central
and as straight as possible, the image below shows before i dyno tuned.

[Image: dyno2.jpg]

Now i can see the first point is fairly central, and the number is 68, so i make all the numbers
68, and then set the sparkplug gap down to .24

[Image: dyno1.jpg]

My dyno is now pretty much 99%, this is all you need. Now head to Test and Tune & Make Run.
my car is running 15.2 which is fuking gay yours wil be faster.

[Image: tnt1.jpg]

This is early game, we dont want to waste to many creds on this car just make sure your camber
is set to 0. DO NOT COPY THE NUMBERS I HAVE (there random as it varies car to car)

Now the games just started, and your net is just nice, you have a tuned Honda Fit, go to List
Drivers, notice the people who are below you in net but not so low you cant race them,
Select people you can see have like 100-200 im's and are in a shity car, and race them.
This way you wil start gaining a positive win ratio and you will steal the IM's so when you
work next you'l make more cash.

The rest is upto you!

Hope this is of some help to n00bs,

[email protected]



get at me if your unsure about anything.