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Full Version: This is my official help thread
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I use to post threads on the beginning of each session to take on students and teach them how to play this game properly and instead of just doing so then.

Ive decided to put it out there. If anyone needs help or want to learn properly. Get at me.

Respond here if u need help, so i dont jsut get random msn adds.

Pls dont post anything unneccesary here unless your really new or im going to ban you.
how do you hit and steal cars and recruit
pm me on msn kyle
angela u goin to teach me too...or do i have to learn the hard way???
your not new bryce.
mecca has played longer then bryce -_-
rom3o™ Wrote:mecca has played longer then bryce -_-

yeah but hes done more than me lol :"(
yo i read the start guide and found it pretty useful cuz i had no idea what the fuck to do but now how do i get more turns to get my money right so i can be up there at the top? right now im looking pretty weak at 40 g's
do what you can and if you need help holla
40g a good start bro .
if angies not on ..

look me up

Slipknot__ is the ingame name.
will be changed back to Black__Metal soon tho so if u can fidn one look for the other
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