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Full Version: Nissan Cefiro A31
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So i got a new toy ...

its set up for dritfing ..

RB20DET str8 six with a 25T turbo ..

deep dish 5 spoke mags on streched tires.
3" exhst
turbosmart stage 2 vport blow off valve
38" external
frount mount


wanna make it go quicker ..

atm boosting 10 pounds doing around the 13.2 mark on a 1/4 mile

wanna pump anther maybe 2k into the engin.

anyone know of anything i can do ..i got some ides ...re-map comp..etc.
:nx:break out the bottle!! :nx:
yea i was thinking about a nos set up in it ...

it seems to be getting a bit bigger over here ...
i might look into that.
Sell that one and buy 3 cars with a real motor. An older Mustang, an older Camaro, and an old Demon. That way all of them are faster and when you finally break one you have 2 more waiting.
If you want to keep it set up for drift do not get nitrous. I would say build the motor with a good forged piston and rod and try to get a different turbo. That would make alot more sense because if I am right you can not use nitrous when in a drift event...
Jered - lmfao its not worth the value of 3 cars

Yea ive sorta died off the drift events atm tho cartman.most of the engin has been rebuilt with good stuff. just wanna get a tad more power outa her or up the boost.maybe a bigger turbo and bigger spring in wastegate is in order.
a 30-50 shot of nitrous would really wake the car up, I think we can all agree that turbos love nitrous. haha then again nitrous will wake up every car...

Edit: Only 10psi of bost??? I'm not the greatest on turbo mapping, but shouldn't you be able to get atleast get 15psi out of that turbo?
I would say different turbo if it has a built motor and then double the boost and you should be happy Smile
yea its got a lil over 15 pound in it,
just running it low so i dont do anything stupid 2 the engin.

plus im only running a 10 pound spring in wastegate ..ill up that to a 13 or 15 pound spring now...

just not sure what turbo ... maybe a t4/t5 ? or a garret5 or something ??

nos might be a tad fun...just for shits and giggles...

anyone know a good computer/ecu upgrade for it ...
or should i just get it re-mapd ??
if you have 2k to blow, build the motor. 15lbs of boost on a built 6cyl would get that car screaming down the track.
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