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Full Version: WOOOOT - A31 Part 2
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so this car place in my home town had a add on ... specl deal for a day ..

dyno tune by NZs best tunner .. 100 for 2 runs and a tune ...
then gives u heads on on what you should do next ..

im booked in for mid-day on the 10th of may.

fucken eh !
fucken eh right! awesome deal, where is it? haha Not that they could tune mine... Big Grin
Auckland , New Zealand
Everyone should point and laugh hysterically at me!

Im putting blue neons(underglow) on a 2003 forest green Kia Rio...Big Grin

[Image: simpsons_nelson_haha2.jpg]
lmfao ....

ummmm ... shit ... what to say ..what to say ...

neons eh ...
i remember when i used to spend loads on cars i had a all motor nitrous fed S2000 and a bolt on STi =)
oh btw i smoked a 360modena with the s2000 on the bottle of course