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Full Version: Random Tips For New players
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Its a much harder game to play and the common questions are.

How do you get better at this game?

Go download msn messenger. That is because 90% of the veteran players or players in general have msn in this game. We all communicate towards each other that way. To all the people ive ever helped and trained they have seen a vast improvement after downloading msn messenger. You can associate with other players and learn from other players through it. It will also build relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime or even just a season or so.

How do you get fast experience?

From what i gathered is that experience varies on your dyno tuning and test n tune, Highest power rating a car can get, Rad plays a small percentage (the number of times you accept an online race), Ofcourse being online, Nw ranges play a valid point, Having good reaction time (this varies due to your tuning), Same level, Or if you wanna do it the easy but costly way.

Is to race people offline. You do this by going to list players and look at people around your nw ranges. Make sure these no green dot next to there name and they have a car. You can just challenge them and it will go through. No waiting. The only problem with that is its 15 credits each time and not 5 creds per race.

If I dl msn messenger and I need help where do I start?

Well these days you can either ask a few of the top players for help or if you want you add me on msn

[email protected]

*This is kinda impromptu, so if anyone feels like adding to this. Feel free. Please dont turn this thread into a shit tread or i will ban whoever starts and promotes it.*
am i considered a vet???

cuz if i am my msn is [email protected]....

if not then dont add or ask me...:confused:
[email protected] is my msn I will help you out
Something to add, Handling rating and power rating helps with experience.

Quick match gives great exp if your car is tuned. 1 - 4% varies on how great your tuning is
lol i was level nine and getting 8% for each win in QM... now im level 10 and only getting 1%ish per win.... :'( what am i doing wrong? :driving:
You're doing nothing wrong, level 10 just takes forever. Dunno why they made it harder, but I haven't seen another level take near as long.
ah cheers bro Smile...
best way to get good at the game .. spend lol ...

[email protected]

i will also help out noobs