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Full Version: My Pontiac Fiero
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I would like to post pics but... Your file of 201.8 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 195.3 KB for this filetype. is there anything i could do about this??:banghead:
alright heres my 86 fiero midengine v6 rear wheel drive 4 thoes who didnt know they're really nice cars mines got spintek exhaust and a very high flow cat and ive had to replace alot of parts and switched them with performance parts i want to swap to a 3.4 dohc or 3.8 series 2 supercharged even a lt1 350 which i could do with the help of west coast fiero [Image: S3500041-2-1.jpg]
heres my friends 85 fiero v6 also this is a 2.8 bored to 3.1 with cams Port And Polished all kinds of shit this car is Sold
[Image: 500013.jpg]
[Image: S3500014.jpg]
[Image: S3500010.jpg]
i will have more pics of my 86 tomorrow
theres not really any of those around here nor have i seen many anywhere ive been,but ive always likedm.....there both very sweet lookn rides....so next ? is how fast are they lol or how fast have u gone in it
ive probably gone 140 and had more to go in 5th gear 0 to 60 is pretty quick it's very light weight and it sounds like a beast both cars have spintek exhaust u could hear a sound clip of a 2.8 with spintek exhaust high flow cat and headers http://www.westcoastfiero.com/exhaust/sp...sound.html
Custom exhst im assuming ?? same on both of them ?
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