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Full Version: My 1995 F-150
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lemme know wat you guys think

It has been lowered 5/7 inches, all handles, emblems, antennas, have been shave, the rearend has been smoothed and welded, and its sitting on 20 inch harley f150 wheels

future plans:
bagging and body dropping it, painting it kandy kobalt blue and black, two toned

black 22s in the front and 24s in the back with blue trim and fiberglassing the interior
looks pretty sweet from here. future plans sound even better
Nice , and I am not a fan of older ford trucks .. i like the newer ones .. but urs looks really sweet Smile
thanks guys, ive got about 14 grand in it so far lol

when i finish im thinking ill have close to 30 g's in it, lol waste of money i kno... but i love it and it gives me something to do in the summer
you need a chrome grille

no no chrome grills, im prolly gunna do a billet grill and paint it black i dont want any shiny shit on it, just the paint
Well... LOL!! I am by no means a Fo&d fan, but it does look pretty good if I do say so myself, now if it were a Chevy!! LOL!!!:rock:
if it were a chevy..... it wouldnt be in my driveway muahahahahha
mustangkid05 Wrote:if it were a chevy..... it wouldnt be in my driveway muahahahahha

LOL!! Yeah cause you could drive it! LOL!!!:gayfight:Wink
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