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Full Version: to the best....
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this goes out to the best boost masters......

im done playing seriously now all i want to do is HI n boost.....

i got HI done i just need to improve on boosting....

can anyone help me out n give me the right timing and combos for boost......

i heard 10/90 is good but dont kno when to do it
looks like u should talk to angie romeo winter i am noob psyful...they seem to know the most about boost...
haha i taught psyful and told him not to reveal my secrets haha dead end there Tongue
come on bro.....i want to learn how to boost properly
im_a_n00b would be the best to hit up, he knows more about it than i do. romeo taught him and angela, angela taught me... and he has a better grasp on it than me
I'll teach you how to boost. I mean I only car jacked 2 cars but hey i still won! HAHAHA.
bang get at me in game...or msn when i get on
i should never have told any one anything.
hahahah...thats rite rom3o...keep ur secrets to urself...the only way to win
LuDe Wrote:hahahah...thats rite rom3o...keep ur secrets to urself...the only way to win

u were always so wise (no jokes intended)

actually though, i told danny and ang, both of which didnt tell many people so considering how bad it could have leaked it kept pretty well under control.

though vietnameze did come back to challenge me and came pretty fucking close, and he managed to work it out on his own, so im sure others could.
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