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I got too many, but um gt40 would be hella nice to own.. 69 dodge charger.. 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.. come on guys I know everyone is into cars here... post em up
Evo 8 on air bags with full c west kit.
See i keep mine realistic, well for me 2 get haha Tongue
ok realistic... its suppose to be dream car but ok... my car.. pontiac fiero with a ls6 thats a corvette zo6 engine turbo charged ... I could go on forever...
69 Boss Mustang . . . .

But the one in my reach is a S15 drifter ... which is only 6mnth away if i get a good price for my A31 Cefiro Smile
Well use to be the McLaren F1, but now I would really love the Audi R8. Car is fucking SWEET!!!!
wheres your imaginations lol i would get a 2000 dodge viper GTS coupe that can go underwater and had to wings with 2 jet engines that could reach speeds of mach 3 lol
[Image: 1967-Shelby-GT500-428-2.jpg]
*cream* ^^^
this is one bad renault
I'm not sure for a dream car, I think I'm purchase a Porsche Cayenne soon though because of the twins. I think that's pretty high on my list..
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