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Full Version: Test and Tune Guide
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Test and Tune,.. TnT…

Step 1

Do all your handling upgrades first.

This is everything listed under suspension.
And Aero Kit: CF Hood: Spoiler: Mirror's Fender's
from exterior.

these are the parts that effect your Handling Rating: and also your tnt (weight reduction effects handling rating but does not require you to tnt again)

once you are happy with your parts list, move on to the test and tune 'tnt' (not that stuff you used to blow up the old ladies letter box next door back in high school)

Step 2

The first thing to know is to watch the 60FT time (second time)
60ft: 1.053 <--example

the first part to tnt is set the camber to 0.
Then proceed to adjust one element at a time i.e. front tire pressure's, rear tire pressures front damper or rear damper.

Make adjustments in 2 unit increments for pressures and one unit increments for damper.
So make one adjustment in any given direction (I usually pick the direction with more adjustment left) then recheck your 60FT time
if it decreases keep going until it bumps up again.

Once happy with that element move on to the next.

If at any time you make an adjustment to the parts listed in step one you must re-tnt to get your fastest time again.

Happy tuning!