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Full Version: You guys are so funny..
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It's funny how the biggest cheaters in MC are in here crying about multis and macros...

I'm not going to say names, but you guys are pathetic...

There's only ONE person I know that doesn't cheat, and she knows who she is Wink
I guess this person is "Miss.Bitch" ?
danny i keep telling you im not a girl ...and on that note stop trying to hump me all the time damn it !!

but i agree ... guess thoes cheating people dont like it when some1 finds out how to cheat better
Well just too ADD!!!!

What was the words ray gave me....
This game will stop all the cheaters and multi users....

Well fuck me ive never seen so many new multis been made.

We kept it legit. And now were gonna work our arses off just too keep up.

Well if its allright for everyone to cheat. make hundreads of multis guys.
This game is worse then Rev2 for cheaters
u keep saying we r multi'ing
but all the multi's being made r hitting our crew lol
imagine that
o_O_Tread_O_o Wrote:u keep saying we r multi'ing
but all the multi's being made r hitting our crew lol
imagine that

if there's a 4x range on things, how are the "multis just made" hitting YOUR crew? :o strange.


with the set up for cash races and pink slips, it is not that hard to make a multi race them to level 10, then drop cash to them. By the time they get up to 500 million they will have 31500 credits, and thats not even counting the winning races, if they add another 500 races won, thats 21k more credits. So level 10 500 races won will net you 52,500 credits just in achievements. Which can not be too hard to accomplism in a few days
exactly my point mike
I don't know these things.

Make sure that big nosed fella sees this and fixes the amounts of credits you wankers get per achievement Tongue
shit has already been mentioned in another thread!!!!!!!
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