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Full Version: Soda_Pop, looks like you popped early
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I wasnt thinking, when i decided to HI you because 5 minutes before I was sticking it to your mum while your dad was video tapping the whole thing, you can see it at IFUCKEDYOURMUM&SHEBEGGEDFORSOMEASSTOMOUTHACTION.com

I would buy credits too but my cheque to your girlfriend would bounce. and hey i gotta look after my kid....

Yours Truly

ps: carefull who you call a cunt next time.
FUCK the way I look at is if you wanna spend $1k to win, then go do it. But you aint going to get away with it easy. Word is born and now you at 600 million...so get some more wins, get some more achievements, and well spend some more money. I will put $100 down that you have more enemies than friends and that you wont win...cause well DaddyO giving it to your mums...
chuggy chuggy chuggy chooch chooch
what is wid u Americans and "YOUR MOM!" jokes?
they are so dam old and in my opinion just don't offend... maybe if u actually were fucking their mom then well fuck that would be funny, but plz come up wid something new. get an imagination!!!!!!!! or shut the fuck up
shane is not from america fyi
Yeah thats why he said "MUMS"

US AMERICANS do not say MUMS.....

So figure the shit out before you open your mouth.
Super funny

thanks for thinking of me so much to start a thread about me
You homo Big Grin
Isn't a "mum" a flower?
I guess you would like it if I was a homo wouldn’t you, I’m sorry to say I would not let your herpes infected lips anywhere near my dick, you pillow biter. Please don’t jack off over the thought I was thinking of you, I wasn’t I just dont appretiate little poo pushers calling me a Cunt because I destroyed your networth, get over it, it was bound to happen Big Grin

And Wraith I still find mum jokes to be humorous, but here is a non mum joke especially for you...
oh wait don’t have time to tell ya cause I’m doing your mom right now, i'll get back to u... u want some video footage, http://www.ifuckfatmumsupdabums.com

and yes I am not an American, actually im a New Zealander living in Australia... Unlike Evo, I do not pleasure myself with sheep or any other living animal.
shane you never told me you wernt homo...damn all these years....

evo, suck a dick no homo
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