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Full Version: Really?
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What the fuck is up with you bunch of retarded mother fuckers... Has the power gone to your heads or something...

Do you orgasm over locking threads you bunch of degenerate spastics...

All i see is lock lock lock, no real justification and whenever we question it we get a warning... well fuck you assholes... you know who you are...

I am sick of the interesting threads being locked way to go and ruin the forums you homos...

are you that scared of ray's whip that you lock a thread as soon as it smells of discontent?

I hate you guys, fuck the moderators

on a side note: love you guys keep up the good work Wink
hahahahahahahahahahaha class , please name names my frnd. what are flame wars for if not to call people out Big Grin

should i lock it?
roflmao someone forgot their xanax today
The way the shit fucking works round here now is that we have flame wars. You get outta hand we lock the shit up. So you need to keep it in hand. Dont get all fucking shitty cause you dumb fucks cant stay on damn topic...

ughhhh bitches
Fuck id love to be be able to lock threads,

They only lock it so that other shit doesnt start up, and get your punk ass banned! they save youBig Grin