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Full Version: F**Kin lag
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fuckin game server legs like a mofo ..

pissing me off hard ..i cant do shit .

i hear its due to all the marcos and shit but really is it going to be this bad because atm something has to be done ...

i dont think its soley put down to macro's

macros ran last round aswell. didnt have the problems we get now.
I had major problems last round was havin to sign in and out every 5 to 10 minutes.And i wasnt the only one having problems.
its true ...last round was mint .. i didnt get lag ..this round its stupid .... way too stuip to even play
whats weird about it is when we were laggin the nz guys werent and when they were laggin we werent
Whos this guy? Cool

when i say last round i actually ment last version. 2.whateva
ahh ok gotch

Roflmao he goes from gfy to stfu, nice i think he is losin it.
Wouldnt you trying to deal with all these people?
TBH its actully the ammount of players playing rev3....

I never got lag in Rev2 simply because there was a big number of 5 people online....
Rev3 theres a constantly 20 people minium on....Big Grin
ah but he is a professional he is supposed to be able to handle it Its ok when he has a nervous break down at least he has someone to blame it on.Tongue

Its simply the number of players on macro's playing rev 3 i havnt had a single problem since the images started.
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