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Full Version: Updated Game guide thread! Give me ideas more the better
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A few have requested it, Even though ive only been back for a few seasons ill try to make a new one for everyone.

If anyone wants to help feel free to put shout out ideas.

Please keep my thread on topic, if you dont = ban.
i will help you aswell on this one angiWink
Give me a while and ill work on a starting up guide.
Just my quick 'Starting Off' Guide for essentially the 'new players'.


Depending on how much time you have and credits,this is the best way to start off a round :

  1. Go to Garage > Dealership > Euro's ( i think ) > Buy the Ford Mustang LX Coupe for $8,995.
  2. You have no bought that car and it is in your Garage. Do NOT get in it yet,go to your 'Inventory' and buy approx 250 fuel.
  3. You can now get in your car and begin to put the ENGINE parts on the car that your level allows you to. *NOTE* Keep an eye on your money.
  4. Now if you only have 1,000 Credits,race all 1,000 if you can. If you have 2,000 you can also race them all to be a higher level when you work.
  5. *NOTE* Along side keeping an eye on your Money,keep an eye on your fuel.
  6. If you are wanting to maintain a good Win/Loss Ratio to gain CMS then you will want to have a Honda CRX or another cheap car in your Garage at ALL times so you can jump in it too sell if you begin to get raced.
  7. As you level up,your car will be able to get modified more.So keep checking back to your Garage to see if you can purchase any new parts.
  8. Now you are settled with level and are needing money.*NOTE* Keep an eye on your Cash whilst doing this;Try not to let your cash go below $7,500 - $10,000. So with your set budget to spend,go to your Garage and scroll to the bottom to the bottom set of parts which is your 'Pimp Factor' parts. Go through the list of parts and see which ones you can get at your level and which ones aren't to expensive and you can get.
  9. Now you have a bigger Pimp Factor (PF for short). You can now cruise (*NOTE* watch your fuel,you do not want to run out). You can cruise untill you have around 30+ fuel left or untill you have 100 Import Models (IM's for short) or more.
  10. Once you have cruised and gained some IM's,*NOTE* Check fuel and watch through out this point. Before working your IM's,you need to find someone on the Race list that you can beat in a race. Once you have,race this person approximatly 5 times BUT watch your IM's happiness when doing this. Getting it to 100% is ESSENTIAL to not loosing IM's and Crew Models (CM's for short).
  11. Now you have around 100 IM's at 100% happiness. You should have at least $7,500 in cash (No Calanders yet). If you have less cash,it doesn't matter. So,now put ALL your cash into Calanders.
  12. Now proceed to the 'Actions' page and to the 'Work' tab. Depending on how many IM's and Calanders you have decides how many credits you will work.
  13. Your best bet is to work SAFE. This means working approxamatly 50 Credits. You will then receive your cash worked.
  14. If you want to continue working follow this step. If not move onto the next step. - You now have a bit more cash. Take a look at your IM's happiness and see if it is still 100%. It is a good idea to win 1 or 2 more races just to check the happiness stays at 100%. Once done,you can now put all your cash into Calanders again. You may now hopefully be able to work 100 credits or if you want to play safe,75 credits.
  15. Now you have a bit more cash,you can now take a look at your Garage and see if there are any more ENGINE parts you can put on your car to improve the speed. If not,take a look at the PF parts again to see if there's any you can use to increase your max amount of IM's.
  16. Now you have sorted the basic racing,leveling,car building,crusing and working for the start,it is now time to proceed onto racing again continuously to increase your level.
  17. This method works fine for me for starting MC rounds in Rev.3 but you may opt to change this a bit to something you like.

Guide made by CrazyFrog555/Nate. Hit me up in game for more tips (I will be now running a help crew as I have a bit more time to help newer players again.

Email/MSN: [email protected]
Ingame Name : CrazyFrog555

-This should help you a bit Angie,ill work on a better guide with Color and shit that covers everything in the game,but for now i've started simple.

Thanks :]
thanks nate, i am going to move this thread also to beginners forums.
BL00D_4_L1f3 Wrote:i will help you aswell on this one angiWink

you have to know how to play to help blood .... and even still be good enough to win crap... untill then you should be the one learning
Black__Metal Wrote:you have to know how to play to help blood .... and even still be good enough to win crap... untill then you should be the one learning

That guide doesn't work now now
(06-27-2015, 09:41 AM)Purple Wrote: [ -> ]That guide doesn't work now now