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Full Version: Is Tokkiez The MC forum WHORE
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Do you think tokkiez is the offical forum WHORE.. I beleave she beleave she rulez all does she?
Angie voted for herself ... fail...

angie change poll to like 123123196 yes's ... better still make me a mod again

and no im the biggst post whore on here ... SPAMATICS WAAAAAAAT Wink
oh btw i made this account today i have like 24 posts or so idk so i think im a post whore too...its addictive when you have no game to play
ang is the mc whore but summer is the mc whore haha
that totally didnt make sense. you need to lay off the booze
Ang.. YOU CHEATED!!! you cant alter the poll booth!!!!
Tokkiez Wrote:that totally didnt make sense. you need to lay off the booze

i agree, didnt make sense at all, and ange that is totaly cheating
at least we know who did it Tongue
roflmao sry ang but this is something i woulda posted last year if i had of thought about it but, it woulda been a lil bit diffrent.Just glad i'm not the one in the spotlight LOL
awww this is cute
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