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is a fag
seriously whats up with these useless threads?
15 minutes of fame
15 secs of fames more like it ...

there gotta be something wrong with this kid.

hopfully hes got something else to do then post ass in here
uhh this is flame wars i can talk trash about myself
Doc_Holliday Wrote:uhh this is flame wars i can talk trash about myself

hardly call anything you have said anything worth being in flame wars ...

you calling yourself a fag does show you like the cock but i think we all knew that way before that post.. ... but if your going to "talk trash" (who uses that anymore these days?) might aswell make it hurt like that big dude hurt your mum last night when you had your ear up aganst the wall and going hard with yourself.

there thats worth reading in flame wars
Dunno Johnny,maybe he wants in on you and Rons action.
ILUV2EXLR8 Wrote:Dunno Johnny,maybe he wants in on you and Rons action.

alot of people do jess (you only got lucky becasue we got a thing for ya)

as for the rest they will just have to buy our muiltie DVD collection for only 42 yes read it ONLY 42 easy payments of $64.45 plus GST , and a down payment of $101 to secure they collection ...

be quick they sell out super fast
What are they called MC's most disturbed?

Sell slot's in your up coming dvd's hell you may geta hell of a turn out, doc seems like he is eager to come out the closet.Never know ya prolly make more money doin that then ray has the whole time this game been up just in one flick!

And I didn't get lucky I'm Jess I'm just good like that Tongue
Bahahaha Johnny.. I gots one on order bro =P

As for Ray.. He makes plenty here, as much he says ptherwise. Why you never seen a 1800RAY4SEXYTIME number..
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