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Full Version: New Mc Need help?
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Im still here if you all need help. I dont promise instant sucess since i am still learning this game as well, but if needed im still here to help.

Message me on game, tokki_E_FKN_O
message me on here
or message me on msn.

how do you play this game Ms. Tokkie?
mhmm come to me when you have time my loveable teacher <3
me and lovable have never gone in same sentence... thats just a scary thought.
your starting to sound old. Shut it you
I am older than dust as is justin in MC time. Even you in a sense these days are getting there.
Jon please dont tell me your playing again . . .
i agree i started when i was 18 and now im 24 so i cant only imagine how old the vets are :eek:
vets like myself started back when you were in diapers Smile Back when Crescent was double fistin Coronas.(if i remember pic correctly) senile in my old age ya know.

and black not really playing just checking on what Cres has done and looking for old school people to see how they been
SSVegito Wrote:Back when Crescent was double fistin Coronas.

Me? Never! Tongue
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