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Full Version: Let's have some fun
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We might as well get this started again since every other thread turns into flame wars, or just turns flaming once Stolen adds a post (ba-dum ching). The only thing that I ask is for Stolen to please use Ebonics Translator before you post on here so everyone else can understand you (ba-dum ching). Thanks pal. Big Grin

Let's get everything off of our chests. I'll start off. I love you Stolen!

I think this could be the longest MC thread of all time. lol
lol it probably will turn out to be a long one...

i got issues...


like justin said

stolen we all wuv you wong time....

ill add to this

You know that you are an idiot .. when a first grader types and makes more sense than you.
oh no...

you ever seen that show are you smarter then a 5th grader?

it's kinda like that right?
You know, I was sitting at home. Little girl is sick. For some odd reason I was like WTF is MC up to. Go to the game page, see they been down for awhile, but they are back up. Try to log into my account, and got nothing. See they re-wrote everything (again). Figure check out the forums, to see what is going on.

Same faces, same lines....just 10 years older.

Stay up.
What the hell happened to selling car/s inside Garage? The money now goes straight to Crew BR. I need to sell one of my cars to increase cash to HI. My other post about this was deleted.
EnglishForums*·*Logout CamCressiCASH$61FUEL100%NITROUS0%1995 CR-X Del Sol SiR04063721CREDITS1,000*+0:000MODELS0/00.0%SKILL110.4%*HomeLeadersGarageRaceActionsHistoryInboxMy CrewSearchChatSupportUpgradeNew updates and changes!*Read more here.

My Garage //

You just sold a 1970 Datsun 510 crew car for $16,500 which has been added to your crews bank roll.VehicleValuePowerWeight1995 CR-X Del Sol SiR$13,902200hp2,491lbCurrent1970 Datsun 510$22,00096hp2,127lb1970 Datsun 510$22,00096hp2,127lb© Copyright 2011*Kaos Logic*All Rights Reserved*Terms of Use*Privacy Policy*FAQ

How do you explain that Admin? I didn't even get the amount of $16, 500.
By the way, I am not even in a crew.
CamCressi Wrote:By the way, I am not even in a crew.

But why you are not in crew, any thing any special reason?
carlobostic Wrote:But why you are not in crew, any thing any special reason?

Because I didn't want to?
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