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Posted by: Purple - 01-12-2016, 06:34 PM - Forum: General Game Discussion - No Replies

When do I get prize money. And where does it go to

  Website Layout
Posted by: Joey - 12-29-2015, 11:58 AM - Forum: Game Idea's and Suggestions - No Replies

There has to be a better way to make this game more user friendly. I used to play all these games from MidniteChallenge, TopShift, to StreetHiest. These games used to be so much fun to play. They are definitely lacking a few things.

First problem: I understand that only a few people play this game now. However, even when getting on, I feel so disconnected from someone else. 

Live Chat and Who's Online need to be fixed. First off, they should be on every single page in their own section in real time. And secondly, if someone types in the live chat, dont delete that message after a short period of time. I have typed in the live chat lately only for it to not show anything the next time I login. If you keep the 20 most recent replies, it will promote people to see them and actually respond, even if it is hours or days after. The fact that it is toggled off by default is a bad decision. Make it toggled on when you first log in or don't even give an option to close it. The lack of a community and communication will not help this game grow to what it was.

Second Problem:

The layout looks nice and all but it is definitely not that user friendly. I am going nuts with the constant clicking and little things that would make it more enjoyable if they were corrected.

Make the  top menu bar only require you to hover over it for the list to drop down. Then you can click what you want. Being able to hover over Race and then click PVP would definitely make the game feel better. Nobody wants to click more than they have to on a text based game. Its just small things like this that make it a nuisance to do on this game.

More specific problem to the above issue stated: Reduce clicking on repetitive stuff:
Just to refuel a car takes these steps: 

1. Click the car shortcut
2. Click Refill
3. Click Refuel
4. Click Refill
5. Click Refill Nitrous
6. Click Refill
7. Click Tune-up

While that might sound petty to complain about, I have to do it every 5 races. Why not make the Fuel/Nitrous logo in the top right clickable if its not 100% to refuel? Also, add a Tune-Up one too.

Also, the website is a nightmare on a mobile device with how massive all the pictures are.

These are just a few changes that can be fixed to help the overall feel to this game.

Now on to just random ideas that would be fun but not mandatory.

1. Increase the amount of credits you obtain by double as long as you are online being active. This would promote people to actually be online more. Maybe even just double the whole system in general and storage just to increase activity.

2. As long as I have played this game, there is always two types of people and how they use their precious credits. Their priory is either to race/work or steal. Why not give two separate credit sections for each type of activity. The "white hat" and the "black hat" activities. I am more of a racer, and this type of activity is usually time consuming and keeps me online because I have to send races constantly. However, it would be nice to not feel like I am hindering myself in the racing aspect because I get the urge to home invade all my credits away. When that happens, I usually result in logging off until more credits accrue. This separation would promote the people who only steal/home invade and log off for the day to use the other section of credits to race and whatnot. As well as make the racers get to spend more time on the stealing side as well.

  Oh em gee
Posted by: Tater Bob - 12-24-2015, 07:27 PM - Forum: Off Topic - No Replies

GaMrs is. Still kicking! Used to play as boskeeter

  New Ideas
Posted by: Reebar - 11-29-2015, 09:37 AM - Forum: Game Idea's and Suggestions - No Replies

Hey, thought I would throw some idea's out there to try get a bit of competition going. Last round was very boring lol granted I got a flying start but I thought for sure someone would chase me down. Thank god you capped the models too or Id of been in the trillions lol. Apparently there is away around it though, racing a few people and then working 10 creds a few times then cruising gets you 50k extra models at a time or something like that. Tried it and it works at times.

There needs to be something added to give players reasons to race pvp. No body will race now because they are afraid to lose. Also I found when racing the bots it wasn't really worth while, was making very little cash in comparison to what I made working my creds, if I raced bot's in pvp for 10 hours I would have made far less cash than working 1000 creds so why bother?

Things you could add or change are

Double crew models when racing PVP compared to racing Head v Head.

Make it so that you make the same cash racing a bot in PVP as a palyer. It will encourage people to race PVP and it will be hard for people to watch them without trying themselves.

You need to increase the cash you make racing PVP so its like a percentage of what you would make when you workings creds, racing for 1-2 hours in PVP should be the equivalent cash of working a 1000 creds or something like that so that in encourages people to stay online. As I said above, racing PVP for 10 hours wouldn't make you anywhere near what you would for working 1000 creds.  

Crews for me is what makes good competition, if two crews get going then that's at least 6 players guaranteed to be putting hours into the game, so you need to give people more reason to set up a crew and have a go, a lot of players wont join a crew because they would rather be able to steal of everyone. You need to give players more reason to want to join a start/join a crew. I think by changing the prize you could do this, a far better prize for getting top crew would be free membership the following month, still costs you nothing but you lose out on few $$ but it will create more competition.

Another thing you could add, is a "membership plus" lol .... an extra option, increases your credit bank limit to 3000 and load 3x faster.

Also another thing to encourage people to race and put time into playing and learning how to tune is, offer a prize for someone who beats the records on IDE CARS ... Firstly if you beat them then you most certainly deserve a prize, because getting to lvl 45 and finding all the right parts and tuning takes a lot of work and play time. I think again offering a free month membersip for each record broken would be good, so if someone breaks all 3 they should get 3 free months membership. I can see loads of people giving it a go lol but I can also see loads of people failing because I set good records lol ...

  Update 11-11-2015
Posted by: C-speed - 11-11-2015, 01:21 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

I've applied a patch that fixes the negative models when cruising and model happiness over 100% issue.

I've also applied a patch so cruising and working results are a linear progression the more credits you use.

As for the earning more when working if someone has 0 losses, this will need to be addressed when the game period ends. Players are strictly racing bots they can beat and not racing any real life players. Thus, their W/L ratio is at 100%.

Posted by: Reebar - 11-11-2015, 11:07 AM - Forum: Bugs and Support - Replies (4)

Hey cres,

Firstly, last night I bought some credits and made a couple of single hits which all worked ok, but later on i Home Invaded RacingChevy 3-4 times in a row using about 3000k credits. RacingChevy NW dropped, but mine did not go up and I it did not add the hits to my stats.

Also can you advise if you have found anything in regards to people working there credits who have 0 losses.

I must admit, I am really annoyed that the credits i bought went to waste because of a bug.


New version is very good and adding working has helped a lot but there is a lot of small problems that need addressed asap.

Posted by: Purple - 10-19-2015, 07:49 PM - Forum: General Game Discussion - Replies (1)

What the hell is going on. Still can't get models even after reset just wasting credits now

  Update 10-19-2015
Posted by: C-speed - 10-19-2015, 03:10 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

The following updates and changes have been made:

- Crew medals are back!
- Crew size is limited to 4 members
- HI range is now 0.5 - 6x your net worth
- Import Models cap has been drastically lowered


  Cres.... forgot password doesn't work
Posted by: calder12 - 10-08-2015, 01:12 PM - Forum: General Game Discussion - Replies (8)

Fix pls.

And either mod me or nuke my forum inbox please?

nvm, apparently I deleted my inbox Big Grin

PS, on the game. I obviously know my forum password.

  Update 10-05-2015
Posted by: C-speed - 10-05-2015, 04:43 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

We brought back CASH prizes! Please read the Prizes page and our FAQ for more information.

We also brought back working as well as Top HI and Top Car Jacker medals!

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