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Driver Levels!!!

My racing name is "cwadden" and i'm level 13, almost 14, race me for exp please, and everyone post their levels AND racing name, because someone else made a post like this but didn't give any fuckin racing names, i'm sure everyone can benefit from this... peace

If your going to make a post like this, then take the races. :roll:
Noob, what Noob...

why make another post like this? just add to the other one

ya theres how many diff posts about ppl and their lvl
just post in one to be more affective
[Image: club.gif]

Again.. add to it the list..

Also.. MAJORITY of the people on here either have ther race names n thier signature or have it posted somewhere in here not to mention There are those ( like me ) who use thier ingame name as their name om the forum.

If you want to run me offline.. Level 9 ( very very soon)
Net is 13 mill.. Name is IllicitDSM (Duuhh i jsut said i use my game name as my sn here)
92 Talon TSi AWD-you just got owned by a chick
[Image: spamdsm.gif]

lvl 13 race me ign is restricted808

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