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Test & tune

I just purchased and S2000 and when i attempt to test and Tune it, i get a message saying "you entered an invalid value". I also bought a civic just after that to see if i could tune with it and i have no problem going into Test and tune with the civic, just my S2000.

I'm having the same problem. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same here, with a different car. Any solutions yet?

BTW... it's a Toyota MR2. :\

I did a suport ticket maybe that will get something done. I had bought the s2000 and upgraded everyhting before test n' tune...then got the message. I uninstalled all the parts and tried test n' tune...same message. Then I sold the car and bought another one (s2000) still got the message. My miata and carolla still test n' tune just fine.

Same thing happened here with an S2000...weak sauce

[Image: livestrongweb3bd.gif]


yep, first s2k is fine, second won't tnt and has a handling rating of 270 rather than 420? That is a TS number does that help at all? lol

maybe we can get it fixed this round :x

same problem for me.... I hope it gets fixed soon

racename: pittbug

edit: I bought another S2k, moved all the parts onto that and can tnt.

Same here SN: QuickChick

Car: Vehicle: Honda S2000 (AP1)
Current SAE Corrected Power Rating: 578 (100.00%)

Update, I was able to get this car to tnt by following the work around in this thread... http://www.corruptinteractive.com/phpbb/...hp?t=95480

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