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New Crew

idiotstick Wrote:ok i give up Big Grin
im not the only one to help them out, im just tired of bein invisible

then start working ya ass off like most of the top ppl that everyone knws have done and are doing

changed the name the games still the same


so this is who i got so far Big Grin


Leet crew dude, you just might win it Tongue

why u always gotta make fun of me, u get thrill out of or somthin

If I say yes, you're going to cry arent you ?

whatever bro, make fun of me all u want shit dont bother me, what does bother me is i dont know ur in-game SN, wach ur back bro ur realy gettin on my last nerve

*shakes in shoes*

Oh no ! He's going to e-hurt me, what am I going to do ? :roll:

If it would help you, I could give you my IGN, then you can 'make my life hell' in game.

all admen could do is ask me to HI you for him, which wouldnt happen because im not dropping my nw LOL


hey bro dont make fun of him, its not nice to tease the mentally handycapt

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