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Amazing car vids

D1STURB3D Wrote:

how to make a truck dissapear haha

Dang, Ya I saw that one on Court TV or something... those guys in the truck died instantly. Dumb a$$es...

thats what u get for running from the cops in a vehicle...just do it on foot

most of them are out of shape anyways

this is why the skyline should be the fastest car in the game :jawdrop:
-=Damant Quod Non Intellegunt=-

lol i did but i forgot to post

i cant believe it went thru all that saltwater and lived

any car built today that would go thru that would be done for good

most of the stuff they did to it would shatter our fiberglass vehicles we drive in today

and the range rover was suprisingly good for off-road...but cmon did they actually think it could out run a tank that can do 40 over that terrain??

Didn't stop them from trying, just like when they raced the jet fighter in a drag race.

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