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"You can only refresh this page once every 5 seconds."

I now get this message when clicking back after an issued challenge. Lets say I challenge someone who has a race pending, so I'll click back to try again... sometimes quickly since the game clock doesnt always register quick enough. This change just happend and I already dont like it...

After I had finished a race I had pending, I challenged someone new, I clicked a new challenge at :01 after the previous race, and it said I had a previous challenge... knowing that at times the clock hasnt processed everything quick enough, I would usually quickly hit the back button and re issue the challenge. Now I can't do this. To make matters worse... on top of that twice now the Image Verification has popped up, sending me back to my Garage...

I can understand the 5 second refresh on the "Who's Online" as their is much data to be updating if someone refreshes it often, but for an issued challenge? It's now just an annoyance!
MC name: RogueRacer

Ignore this... has been returned to normal...
MC name: RogueRacer

locked then thanks for clearing it up yourself.

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