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Mates New Cars

So over the last weekend i had 2 mates that went out and blew alot of cash on cars ..

One was a 87 323 mazda wagon gun metal grey running a 13b turbo set up ..
thing sounds and goes mint ...

and then my other mate dan .. flew down south and got himself a B2000 ute ... running a s14 engin with a 5 garrat turbo .... and to add to that has a full airbag set up ..
he took me for a boost in it .. i thought i would be semi quick ..

but this thing is insainly nuts ...
ive never been so freaking scared of a car let-a-lone a ute.

will post up some pic's of them both soon for you all.



Im living in New Zealand Ray ....

The crew of my mates and I have set up our own workshop and what not ..
we buy project cars and do them up....

the ute is not normal at all ..
But the 13 turbo rota are semi common ..

but its hard to get a good one these days.

If u wanna talk more on any of this or i can fill you on in more of the NZ car scean
let me know and ill fire you my work email addy.

will try get some pics this weekend and post them up next week ..
dont think i can do it from work .but if i send them thrw to your email can u post them up for me ..

or one of the mods like seth will do it for me

this is a link to see some pics ...


thanks seth.

Black Mirage is mine ..

white toyota is the Mrs car

Subaru is a mate ..

the grey wagon is the one running the 13B rota in it ..

white rx7 series 4 is going to be the new projct car after the ute and wagon are finished.

ute has gone into westside hoppers to get some crap done on the bags ..will get pics asap

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