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Raymond here is an official goodbye if Hi'ing isn't fixed im done wasting my time and money getting ahead to be stolen by multi's and others.

As an HI'er i understand whats going on and i have no problem w/legitimate HI'ers around the 20bills or hell even over 1bill but to continuosly be hit by 25mill and under nw's is rediculous and leaves no room for me to continue spending. This is not an ultimatum to change the game bc hell its ur game.

But i will not continue to play the game w/this and to all of u who are gonna attempt to flame me for this...here is what i have to say to u. I have played the game for over a year and have never gotten an HI at 25k nw and level on someone over 100billion nor have i hit anyone over 10x my nw...in saying this i can understand 1-2 but 10-20 people hittingme under the situation is y i am posing this to raymond and crescent.

Im looking for positive change and that is what needs to be addressed the racing aspect of the game is back to be competetive but the Homeinvading is becoming very rediculous at the ease of it. And i understand u want competition but at what expense? To have all of the spenders be hessitant to spend for the "n00bs" to take it all away illegitimately.

Raymond please just make this 25k nw hitting almost impossible and ill be happy to spend on ur game otherwise i really can't justify it anymore


with the HI and making it pointless to spend because of multi spammers, agreed.


I totally agree with you. I was one of them who was at 60k NW and HI 2bil from you when u were at 20bil.

I was shocked when I did that. But when I saw so many low NW people doing that, I don't think this is right.

I suggest this "bug" to be fixed.
733 cars stolen..........that was a long time ago....

Kevin you are a whiny little girl... lol

but i still love you and agree its a bit ridiculous that any joe schmo on level 1 with no exp no car nothing done in the game can go from last place to top 50 with a HI... again this has happened in the past once or twice a round but not to the extreme that it is... but we have this catch 22 where HI'ing can either be completely restricted like it used to be which sucked... or just have to learn how to deal with the low nw noobs getting big ass hits... there is no easy solution to this problem... and ultimately if you weren't online racing the whole time all day everyday then you would be less likely to get hit down... i dunno thou bro we will just see what can or cannot be done about this.

thank you everyone for not flaming and keeping this relevant to topic.
You will never be what we once were....


Thanks for clarifying that. I guess most of us thought same changes were made to the game to. Smile Btw, kevin just got Hi again by someone who is low in NW.
733 cars stolen..........that was a long time ago....

the point is still that ppl are making multis and raping the top guys because they can. so multi wipeout would be nice.

raymond i will call u when i get home cbf w/it at home i agree w/matt and all of u its a valid point that someone is gonna complain about it..

I will contact u raymond in about 2-3 hours when i get home from work untill then happy headhunting on me

after calling u raymond we both expressed our points like men and u will not see another forum post about this subject by me Smile someone wanna lock this up?

*insert signature here*

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