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PnP, Boost, Nitrous and WR upgrades

So I obviously understand why wr helps your time. But the difference between pnp, boost and nitrous? They all increase power, but boost and nitrous do nothing to my overall speed and times. Why?

no idea why it just doesn't help

*hint* pnp doesn't help either Tongue

Correct me if I am wrong, but there seems to be little correlation between power and handling and how fast your car goes. Take the shelby-one of the fastest cars in the game without a single modification besides weight reduction. And the fact that boost/nitrous/pnp upgrades don't do anything.... it seems like a large waste of credits... and experience matters so much more.

All cars besides max WR need all suspension parts and some fo exterior parts to get max HR. And from my WW3 experience, at higher lvls cars need parts like exhaust,testpipe,turbo.

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