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I think this is a BIG problem

Vehicle: Mini Cooper
Color: Orient Blue Metallic
Current Value: $1,042,700
Reliability: 100.00%
Status: -

Power Rating: 37 (100.00%)
Handling Rating: 530
Security Stage: 0

Best ET: [email protected]

Something needs to be done...

im assuming that you have only added weight Reduction ?

Your assumption would be correct.

Edit: I just worked the numbers, and that would mean the vehicle's weight would have to be about 160lbs for it to achieve those numbers. lol Maybe I am thinking way to far into this.

haha mini's are a very small car ya know Tongue

Yea dude i think you are. But good to bring stuff like that up anyhow

shoulda keep dat hush hush ..
Really Tho.. This Thing Your Reading Is Just My Sig..

keeping it hush hush = :ban:
no money, no funny

lol ok fellas, I'll keep it on the down low

bigces Wrote:keeping it hush hush = :ban:

ok mr Mod Jr .. Rolleyes
Really Tho.. This Thing Your Reading Is Just My Sig..

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