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Xbox 360

How many of you guys have gotten the ring of death? I got it once a year or so ago then it did it again about a month and a half ago and they sent it back and it did it again 10 minutes after I hooked it up :mad: So I just sent it back in today.

I got mine within 3 months of having the xbox, they sent me a totally different one, and I never got it again.

did you buy the external intercooler, or the fan that the xbox sits on top of. It helps with the cooling issues a lot from what I have seen.

I am assuming you are talking about the 3 rings of death also
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Yeah I am talking the three rings of death. I have the intercooler and I guess it has not helped me. They said they would probably be sending me a refurb unit this time.

I got it 2 weeks after I got mine.... hit reset and its all good...
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I Have An Xbox, My Bros Is Over A Year Old, He Aint Had It Yet But IT Dont REad Games (Reads DVDs)..
So I Got My Own At Xmas And Its Been Fine So Far....
But Whoever Has A Cooler On Their Box, I Reccomend You Dont Use IT Coz All My Friends That Had One, Theyre Xboxs Broke, And They Melt From The Inside Lol...
Any1 Got Live?
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I had an original first gen box and it died on me after two years, not the ring of death though, then I got one for a lil and sold it to my brother so I could get the Elite. I hear the new ones (Elite included) don't get the ring of death anymore.
Miss Kelly

i have an elite. my first box broke because i ripped the disc drive out when i was drunk one nite. it kept getting stuck so i ripped it out and then it wouldn't read any games after that. it wasn't until after that i found out you could eject the drive like a computer lol.

on the elites - mine runs great. i think they also fixed the disc drives too because my old one use to eat the games, but this one hasn't messed a game up yet, and i've had it for over a year.
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i got an elite back in nov and havent had any problems with it at all
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