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Post a picture of your current car/old car thread.

Heres my current car. its a 2006 Acura TL 6spd on AirRunners(bags)
[Image: l_f376933d9dc51d347a2dcb39b2ce1e86.jpg]
[Image: l_de2d60aabb54d4c71b64896e2d12ac95.jpg]
[Image: l_792651f6137b6eeb74ebf1c2caf05884.jpg]
[Image: l_fab83aa921d22748108560ff5aaf6801.jpg]
[Image: l_c9db911f49bb7714c9f7a5ba2a9fd822.jpg]
[Image: l_f4a48878f024b18d3f7da9bef2bcceb9.jpg]
[Image: l_61c14cd77b1cd3a7c746ed94a315fd94.jpg]

heres my old car. its a 99 integra LS turbo

[Image: 255406991_l.jpg]
[Image: l_d504bb9628de9049e44d96f620ad88b7.jpg]
[Image: 1532523074_l.jpg]
[Image: l_e67eab77bcc73780fa5ee8ca18886ecc.jpg]
[Image: 1528532567_l.jpg]
[Image: l_834291550bd06fe07161cf69edab64f0.jpg]

1974 Camaro Z28 Type LT with 350 5.7 liter and turbo 400 all matching numbers.

The engine now has Crane Cams Energizer 1.6 Roller Rockers, Comp Cams Beehive Valvesprings, Comp Cams magnum camshaft with .512/.512 lift and 230 duration at .050 lift with the 1.6 roller rockers. Comp Cams double roller timing chain. Total Seal Gapless Piston Rings. Melling High Volume oil pump. HEI distrubtor rebuild kit from Summit Racing. Edelbrock Performer intake with Edelbrock 600 CFM carb (we'll see how this does before deciding to move up to a larger carb and/or different intake). B & M Transmission cooler for the transmission and B&M ratchet shifter. Edelbrock 110 gph fuel pump. ARP head, header bolts, fuel pump rod and main studs kit. Hooker competition full length headers. Fel Pro performance MLS Permatorque head gaskets, rubber-steel core valve cover gaskets and rubber-steel core oil pan gasket. Equus Race gauges (Speedo, tach, fuel, battery, oil and temp) in a Covan Classic direct replacement carbon fiber housing to mimic the original layout of the instrumentation. There's more but I can't remember.

[Image: 74_camaro_front_002.jpg]

[Image: 74_camaro_interior_001.jpg]

[Image: 74_camaro_rear_001.jpg]

[Image: engine_001.jpg]

Engine at teardown before being cleaned and honed.

[Image: engine_002.jpg]

[Image: engine_003.jpg]

[Image: trans_002.jpg]

[Image: trans_001.jpg]

Thats Z28 is sexy .....

only got pics of my old mirage which sold on the weekend ..will try upload them later today ..

and will try get some pics of the Cefiro i have now this week.

ok here are some pics ..

1st is my mates suby ...version 7 i think is it ..

2nd is my other mates 323 wagon with a 13B MP in it.

thats the one pics of mates cars i got on here ... my mirage pics have been deleted.will try jump on when im hope and show ya some more

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[Image: IM000279a.jpg]

picture of my old car I sold back in Jan. to buy a house with my current car in the back. 65 chevelle malibu and 99 civic ex
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TheJMan> Thanks man, she's up and running and sounds like a beast. We started her back up for the first time monday and while I was seeing if she was running rich by standing by the back tailpipes my friend opened her up wide and it was one of the few times I've actually cringed from how loud something was. It brought a big smile to my face.

I really like the wagon for some reason. Usually not my cup of tea but for some reason I like this one.

bscar> That's one hot chevelle man. A friend of mine has a 68 with a 454 in it and it's a friggin monster. I had a 78 Thunderbird a while back till I drove it off a bridge... I guess since it was a boat I thought it deserved to be in the water and not on land. Oh how wrong I was about that. It was a great car with a 351 Windsor in it and it ran strong. It had to be in a straight line to do it but it ran strong.

Nokia man PM me or something about the air ride setup and where you got it and shit I have a 04 TL

Looking forward to see it, Ray. Smile

It wasn't all that fast, but it sure made one hell of a noise Big Grin
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