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My new car

just got me a 1996 Mitsi GTO MR V6 twin turbo 6speed racing version Smile

ouch. hope you had a mechanic go over it thoroughly BEFORE you bought it.

Used turbo/super charged vehicles rank among the lowest in my potential purchase list.

Anyways, good luck with it.
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LoL, yea like i'll spend that much money on a car and not get it checked over.. good one.. and ummm that is what mechanical insurance is for.

i must say Tanas car seems clean ... ill let you all know more about it weekend after next when i need up with him and go over it Smile

plus ill show him what a real car looks like (88 A31 Cefiro) wooot Wink

haha sounds good.. have to sort sumthing out..send me a txt or jump on msn next week sumtime

My cars gone in for some paint and pannel to tidy it up bro .. maybe next week sometime would be better as i cant go anywer due to not having my car lol.

will call your ass later this week

All good bro, just whenever.. Smile

this thread sucks without pics...lol

congrats bro
SpamaticS - Slick

post the link for fast 4s and turbos tana .

this weekend ??
think im free sartday after the hangover is gone and i get rid of whom ever the lucky girl is i pick up that nite haha

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