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Blacks Got Pics

LOL im such an idiot...thanks for pointing that out to everyone RICK! lol
Failure is not an Option!


Makin us look bad n shit >.>


Seriously guys come on...

Ask me in game for help

Cheer all ... Vaughn by the time you get ya car going sweet and licnce back it will be sold ...

Yes its a 1988 Nissan Cefiro you tards lol ..

Drifter hard Smile
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

PANDAhumpnMONKEY Wrote:have only seen a few cars in america with steering wheel on right side...
mostly mail trucks XD

Guy close to where I live has a mini truck that was imported from Japan that he drives around town. It's pretty neat to see, but I dunno how I'd be able to fit in one
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