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Lol Sang prolly has more brains than u will ever have slut.
[Image: 53369.png]

I am teh Fail Frcg Big Grin

Whats your ingame name Nikola?
[Image: 53369.png]

I am teh Fail Frcg Big Grin

nikola Wrote:i really think you have mental problems that was my whole fucking question if 10-11 is supposed to be 2 times longer than 1-10 you fucking idiot. Learn to read go to school and stop getting home schooled by your incestual hick family scrub.

If you had any fucking common sense you would know after racing that many times that 10-11 would be 2x or even 3x longer than 1-10 you ya dumb cunt. You think they only made it that much longer only for you? And if it wasn't suppose to be 2 times longer wouldn't you think people would be in here bitching and moaning? You may say I have to go to school. But you need to learn common sense....oh wait you can't learn that shit.
I'm top crew material....I CAN SPAM RACES!!!!


Leave familys out of this. It's one of the rules. You've been warned 8)
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here comes the flamming . . .
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