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RULES *dont delete*


maybe people should stick by there own rules and others would abide by them


any thoughts? anyone?

the RULES either need to be enforced as they are written, or dropped all together...

screw this favoritism for watever reason
or sometimes we will do something and other times we wont
or this we'll only punish one person and let everyone else get away with it....

all of that is CRAP

either enforce the rules or drop them all together

RAYMONDS own words
and i quote

""Ladies and gents, this is no joke, this game is moving and I am lowering ratings, banning and removing anybody who breaks the rules. This game is way to important to have some loser ruin it for me.

This is a warning to all of you. Don't fuck with this game. I have had it with your lies and bullshit.

And Danny, I don't think a Panda or a Monkey would hump something as ugly as you.


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