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RaP Battle

See what you guys got. This is my 1st rap i just made

Start shit off with a bang…bitch u wana hang
I aint from Compton I aint from from Brooklyn
I aint from n y c, aint from new Orleans
Aint got no red bandana hangin out my blue jeans
I aint a gang member I aint in no crew
Im just being me doin wat the fuk I wana do
U can try to stop me u can hate all u like
You can call me a homo,fag or a dike
I cudnt care less its just the way I am
Got a wealth of experience and ive bearly just become a man
Yeeeeah beat that bitch u get put on the spot and turn to a snitch
Ima bust on u b,z crush all yall c’z im just repn me in my presence ya’ll flee
Like a flea wen a dog scratches fuk yo gang patches
I don’t mean to offend just soundin my opinion g
And wen i say it u no I mean it literally
And no I aint endin up in the penitentiary
Extraordinarily my paths gona end differently
And its easy 2 c g contriversaly aint a p.i.m.p like fifty
My name starts in an G and it ends with an E
Motherfucker u aint gona learn
Im on fire like a phat blunt wen it burns
Yea its my turn gona make your stomach churn
Spitin how im livin till the end of my term
I aint goin no where just like a fukin germ
Riskin it all husslen to make an earn
Bring all ur boys 2 homy I aint concerned

You think you no it all countin in 2’s
Homy step up and let me break you some news
Rollin with the big fish about to loose
You wana be me but you can’t fit in my shoes
Straight out of the slums
Down with the hoodlums
Gona crack back up on all u bums
Bring it on if you wana get with this
Outlaw strydin dealin with business
Now its bout time for shit to get heavy
U may think u r but realy u aint ready
Steady ready to roll with a glock or a machete
Ripn u 2 shreads resembling fuckin confetti
am i gona drop? Na! my pride wont let me
coz at the end of the day theres only 1 threat g
all my homies holla out FTP
they aint never done nufin 4 me
accept search my home and upset my family
and na man that’s unacceptable homy
snitchin little bitches begin 2 envy
sendin me in2 a rap battle frenzy
and na ive never been a pussy coz my hood’l never let me

How long did this take you?!?!?
I'm top crew material....I CAN SPAM RACES!!!!


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go to http://www.myspace.com/chapelroadrecords

so who wrote that...Roy Jr.

[Image: 30.png]

Rap ..... ??? really .... Punk/Metal/Rock for ever fools
One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

Black__Metal Wrote:Rap ..... ??? really .... Punk/Metal/Rock for ever fools
Wootn Blindspott
:yahoo:NZ__EVO.. Im In Love With A Stripper.....

LMAO. its not a song, Was just bored so decided to try write a rap LOL

Ummm it took me about an hour.Smile

And nahhh, i worte it

fast_fry Wrote:Wootn Blindspott

blindspott hard bro !


One Of Midnites Forum Mod Team......Black__Metal ™©

zzz... lol graeme..

i'd rather sleep on the concrete floors of prison than listen to another of your raps Smile
[Image: steamby4.th.gif]

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