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What are you listening to ?

dnb_Fueld Wrote:Can i suggest drum and bass...

cant really do D&B a bro ... not my thing ... but dont get me wrong ... ill lisen to a song or 2....

or when im smashed it sometimes will be played haha
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liza2010 Wrote:

advertising other games much ... = banned ... when ray or cres or ron or angie get on again that is ...
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Reviving this for ye Johnny...


A Bullet for Pretty Boy
Memphis May Fire
Scarlett O'Hara
Go Radio

and a shit ton of

Senses Fail

I'm always changing it up because I always overplay the shit out of albums, and I'm a reviewer (or former) and have a lot of contacts at labels, publicists, managers, band members etc. so I always got new shit to throw on luckily.

<3 ron ... some lovly songs/bands there bra
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I'm listening to Depeche Mode's "Somebody". Cool song and I can relate to this...
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