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Removing parts from other peoples car (Thought by CAM)

This is the email i sent to support:
I was a higher level than cam and was racing him, but then one part on my car started to come off very often. Then cam started to race me and I was losing even though I a higher level, this was because one of my parts were removed before he would race me every time. So I figured there was a way to remove the parts from the cars that were not yours, as cam was doing it to me. I found a method to remove parts from other peoples cars but will not release it here. So I found cams car and started to remove parts from it so he could not race me after he removed parts from my car. I only did it to cam because he was doing it to me and did not want to lose a bunch of races to him because he was cheating. I then told CJW to get Cres so we could sort it out, then cam banned me or got someone to ban me without talking to me. I understand if I am banned for what I did but I would also like to see cams account banned for what he was doing. Also this is something you need to fix so people cant see other peoples cars.

This bug has been fixed.

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