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OK for VETS ONLY !!!!

are u guys going for top crew next session?????

alrite, i'm n lee. i can't promise that i'll play fair, tho :p
i AM...
[Image: american_05.jpg]

Wink ok Ed now just waiting for the rest to post thanks!

What exactly is the meaning of a Vet.. in MC vocabulary?

Can i join.. I been around for some time now Big Grin

guess i suck Sad

Why don't you just shut the [censored] up! Lee is trying to set up a [censored] crew and you are gonna come in here and whine and bitch because he didn't put your mother [censored] name down! He already said that people that are good can join, so if he forgot your name, but you know for a [censored] fact that he would have you in his crew, than shut your mouth bitch.

Lee...I was surprised to see my name up there, but sure bro, if you can get a crew together, I am in.

Shadow, I like your point. If Lee got the top Hitters, or all of his old buds from back in Gold that ran the game, we could win. All you have to do is race, buy calendars, and than sell them bitches. The only way to stop a crew from winning is to not Crew race them, or just get everyone in MC to not race the members of the crew so they can't go anywhere...

As for you Paki, Shut your mouth...[censored]! :mad:

vets r usually considered the OG's that actually were kinda good at the game.
i AM...
[Image: american_05.jpg]

WOW some 1's mad today, i was joking im not even playing this game anymore

lmao, that was a lil violent, huh!! geez, and some ppl think my mouth should b washed out with soap. :p
i AM...
[Image: american_05.jpg]

ok...umm noobie are u still going with the crew even when u are in umm puFF_puFF_paSS?
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