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Races Stuck?

Been entering battles, see it schedule a race between me and someone else.

Once the time for the race comes, it just resets the timer to next race in 5 mins but nothing ever happens.

Fuel stays at 100%, no record of a win/loss, nothing in results. Doesnt look like the race happens.

Is that all? lol

Getting error messages all over the place, i don't know to even start. Cant steal any cars either. I don't see the need for this drastic change. I'm a little annoyed to be honest, small changes make a big difference, big changes makes for big disasters.

Absolutely No need, tut tut* sigh*

yes and there has to be a way to make some cash better then this im down to 12$ and had 7k just gone and was only hied for like 636 so cant fix car with no cash or tune

Races should run now.

Ok I logged out till I seen you say races fixed and I log back in and getting the annoying pop ups everyones that raced me while offline I now have 0 fuel no cash but 18$ how is this gonna work there is noway for me to do anything its like getting Raped down by getting hi-ed to death

Head-2-Head racing history was broken. All new races should appear in your history now.

this is crazy cant get out of car cant fix car cant make any money would be fine if had a way to make cash flow so you could tune and refuel but of course you gonna lose ever single race when there is noway to get cash I have all these credits and cant do anything

We are working on fixing these issues.

(06-03-2015, 04:39 PM)C-speed Wrote: We are working on fixing these issues.

well we should have a way to get out of car cres I log out and get back on and have over 100 losses and I will even have tons more as I have no way to make any cash to fix needs way to get out of car just saying otherwise everyone on here ratio is gonna be crappy if, I could get out of car at least wouldn't be killing my ratio while being fixed

You now earn limited cash in Head-2-Head races regardless if you win or lose.

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