How to Play / Game Guide //

Fast Start

  1. Go to the dealership and buy a car you can afford.

  2. When you have enough cash, buy upgrades for your car.

  3. Hit the Dyno and Test'n Tune to maximize the performance of your car.

  4. When you feel you and your car is ready, enter Head-2-Head races or race other players. Racing in Head-2-Head races, you'll earn valuable experience points. Racing other players will earn you cash.

  5. Pick up Import Models for yourself and your crew while you race. Keep them happy by winning races. More happy models equals more cash earned when you race

  6. When you have enough experience points, upgrade your skill level. Higher skill improves your driving, makes you more money, and unlocks more cars and parts.

  7. Join a crew or start your own. Work together to get on top of the leaderboards.

Game Periods

Each game period lasts 14-30 days. This makes it fair for newcomers and those who messed up in the beginning. Each game period starts with all accounts reset. Nothing carries over from previous game period. All cash, models, cars, parts, etc will be reset.

Credits and Credit Bank

Credits are required for all actions. For example, racing, tuning, stealing, working, cruising, etc. all require credits. Credits replenish over time. If you run out of credits, you can get more in the following ways:

  1. Purchase a membership. This increases the amount of credits you receive every few minutes. This is the most economical way to get more credits. See Upgrade page for details.

  2. Purchase Credits. Purchased Credits are placed into your Credit Bank. You can withdrawl these credits for use anytime you want and are not reset, lost or expire at the end of each game period.

  3. Win Credits by finishing the game period in a top of a category listed on the Prizes page.

In order to use purchased credits, they must be withdrawn from your Credit Bank. Credits in your Credit Bank do not expire and can be used in the current or subsequent game periods.

Any unused credits that are not in your Credit Bank are lost at the end of each game period and can not rolled forward.

Net Worth

Player rankings are based on networth. Your networth is based on your current cash, models, calendars, vehicles, parts, fuel and nitrous on hand. Car's in your garage are not counted.


Join an existing crew or start a new crew of players that share the same goals and philosophy. A crew can bring protection and respect from other players and it can allow you to trust in your fellow members. Work together to move to the top of the leaderboard individually and as a crew.


Models is the core of making money. You need Models in order to earn money to fund your racing and move up in the player rankings. The Models you have and the happier they are, the more money you can earn. You can pick up Models from racing.


Having happy models is critical to success. If your models are not happy, they will start leaving you when lose races.

Dyno Tuning

Simply upgrading parts on an engine doesn't make it better. Every engine needs to be tuned properly in order make optimal power. Adjust the fuel settings on the dyno to tune your engine for maximum performance.

Read the Tuning Tips for more information.

Test'n Tune

Suspension tuning is just as important as engine tuning. If your car and put the power to the ground, then your 1/4 mile time will suffer. Adjust the suspension settings for optimal performance.

Read the Tuning Tips for more information.


Racing is the key to winning any game period. By winning races, you will earn cash and experience points. Once you have earned sufficient experience points, you can upgrade your skill level. Higher skill level will earn you more cash when working, improve your driving skill and unlock more cars and parts. You can make your car faster by improving your skill level, upgrading parts and tuning.

Head-2-Head Racing

Enter Head-2-Head races to earn experience points. The opponents here are tough so be prepared. You are matched up with rivals in similarily matched cars.

Racing Other Players

Enter races against other players to earn cash. To increase competition, the cars must meet the maximum Performance Index restriction in order to enter. You will be randomly matched against other players. How well you do in these races will determine how much cash you and your rival earn. Make sure you do well in all your races because no one wants to race against a loser.

Performance Index (PI)

All cars are ranked based on their Performance Index. The PI will change depending on the upgrades you install. Be aware, the Performance Index is independant of how well you have tuned your car.

Mod Levels

Not only do you can earn experience points each time you complete a race, you also earn experience depending on the car you're driving: Import, Euro or Domestic. The more experience you earn for each Mod Level, the better the parts you can buy to upgrade that category of cars.

Home Invade

Is another player ahead of you or you simply don't like them or want revenge? You can home invade another player to steal their cash and knock them down on the leaderboard. Each attempt at a home invasion isn't a guaranteed success, however a successful home invasion does not reveal your identity. A combination of credits is required and you can also get caught, but the risks may be worth the reward.


Does another player have a car you want, or a car you cannot buy yet? You can steal it from them! You can only steal a car that the player is currently driving, not a car in a player's garage. Each attempt isn't a guaranteed success, however a successful theft does not reveal your identity. A combination of credits is required and you can also get caught, but the risks may be worth the reward.

Car Jack

Easier than stealing, you can car jack another player however you can only car jack a player that is cruising. Each attempt isn't a guaranteed success. A combination of credits is required and regardless of success or failure your identity is always revealed, however the risks may be worth the reward.

Recruit Models

Recruit Import Models from another player and have them work for you and earn more cash.


Medals are awarded to the top players in the listed categories found on the Prizes page. A brief description of the medals are as follows:

First Place Winner (Highest Networth)

Second Place Winner (Networth)

Third Place Winner (Networth)

Top 10 Networth (Ranked 2nd-10th)

WWIII Fastest Import

WWIII Fastest Domestic

WWIII Fastest European


Prizes are listed on the Prizes page and may change anytime at our discretion. Prizes have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash unless otherwise indicated. Prizes can be exchange for in-game Credits of equal value.