Game Rules //


1. Multiple Accounts
Having more than one (1) account is strictly forbidden. If we believe you are using more than one account, all accounts will be permanently suspended. We have a strict Zero Tolerance policy towards cheating. Being a paying member does not exempt you from the rules in any way or provide you special treatment.

2. Shared Computers
We highly suggest avoiding the use of sharing the computer if you have friends or family members. If this is unavoidable (ie. your household only has a single computer), then be aware that if we find that the accounts accessed from the same computer are cheating, all accounts will be permanently suspended.

3. Macros, Scripts, Programs and Bugs
Using a macro, script or program, abusing bugs or browser plug-ins to manipulate or play the game is considering cheating. If you are found abusing this your account will be suspended. Please report any bugs or glitches you find in the game immediately.

4. Quitting
DO NOT ASK US TO CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT SO YOU CAN START A NEW ONE. We won't close any account once it has already been created. If you messed up while learning/playing the game, then you'll have to figure out a way to get out of the hole you're in, or simply wait for the new round to start over from scratch. Creating another account violates Rule #1 and you will be suspended.

5. Spamming
Spamming is strictly forbidden. Do not post links to other websites, games, forums, etc. This includes posting links to sites that contain links to other content. Do not send messages to other players advertising for other websites. Violators will have their account suspended.

6. Posting
Please do not spam, this includes sending mass messages to a player in order to flood their inbox. Do not put down the game, or the staff. Do not give out the names or contact information of other players, this includes any personal information. Do not make derogatory or racial comments in your posts. If you are being disrespectful and/or creating drama, your account will be suspended.

7. Threatening Messages/Racial Comments
It is certain that you will make a few enemies will playing this game and thus threats are a part of the game. However, sending messages that personally threaten another player or their lively hood will result in suspension. Keep threats to within the game. Insulting someone's race, religion, mental/physical handicaps or sexual orientation may result in suspension.

8. Player Names/Crew Names
Excessive profanity, racial slurs, religious slurs, strong sexual content or derogatory names against players or any of the groups named in Rule 7 is forbidden. Avatars that receive complaints will be dealt with accordingly.

9. Nudity
Nudity and strong sexual content is not allowed. You will be given an opportunity to remove the offensive material or it may be removed for you. If you refuse to replace it or continue to abuse this rule, you will be suspended.

10. Crews
The size of crews may be limited to a certain amount of members depending on the game period. You are free to make alliances or crew extensions but we are not responsible for what happens during game play. If a member leaves your crew or you accidentally remove a crew member, we will not replace them back into your crew.

11. Malicious links and Hacking
Do not post or send malicious links that can affect an account or computer. Do not threaten that you are a hacker or will hack the game. Please be aware, that while we do our best to protect our players from malicious posts, we will not be held responsible for any content sent to you within the game (or outside the game) that may have affect on your account. If you receive a link to a website, we strongly urge against you clicking on it or pasting it into your browser.

12. Abusing Staff
Sending staff abusive messages or bashing them on the forums or your profile will result in suspension. If you have a problem with a staff member, please report it to another staff member immediately.

13. Common Sense
Please use common sense while playing or posting within the game or the forums. Simply because something is listed within this rule set, doesn't make it right. Please think before you take action or make a comment. There are people playing of all ages and from all parts of the world, what may seem like a joke to you could easily be misinterpreted by someone else.

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