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Car Color

I think that it would be cool to have a little more description of the vehicles. Like when you look at someone's profile thing. It should say for instance a Forrest green gmc typhoon and show up on the little icons by our names as well. Lol just a suggestion figured it would be cool to match the dice with our cars lol. Oh and rims lol just because hahaha.

Im pretty sure we had this back in the day? Cool idea still
[Image: steamby4.th.gif]

I'm not sure lol I just started playing Goin on a year now but just thought it would be pretty cool.

There used to be car colors. You could choose the color of your car when you bought it. It can always be added back I suppose. Perhaps you guys can make a poll and vote on it? Big Grin

How do I start one and I'll make it lol

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