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Test and Tune problem

When I try to test and tune I get an error "you sumbitted and invalid value"

Any help??

yea man, clickeh teh link and report it

but try buying a new car that also may help

SHA Wrote:yea man, clickeh teh link and report it

but try buying a new car that also may help

waste of time oh well :roll:

happened wit me when this session started so i just bout a new civic and it worked fine simple 8)
[Image: untitled1copy4nr.jpg]

All I did was sell my s2000 and i bought another one, and it worked for me... whatever.

you all know this should be here its bug and should be reported

Maybe you inserted a value not allowed. On the right of the box where you insert the value, the number you enter has to be within that range.
You gotta love it

on the bugged cars it does it on the first run BEFORE you can put a value in, so it is a bug. Worth a shot though Smile

to fix it ya ahve to get in another car test 'n tune and then get back in the other car go back twice then make a run Smile it does this because it wouldnt let ya use 0

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