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DA Wrote:
Strombo Wrote:^ Sorry SHA..but honestly, that was the worst insult i have ever heard.

Trailer Park?...

Is that not what you call it in America? Cuse over here we call them caravan sites.

No it's the fact that she's rich.

c, that's the cool thing about insults...... u make shit up.

like i could say zura is a stupid whore.... now i don't know her anymore than any1 else on here, but while she may b stupid, i don't know if she's a whore or not Smile
i AM...
[Image: american_05.jpg]

...but a trailor park? Honestly..if you are gonna make shit up, at least make it GOOD

[Image: livestrongweb3bd.gif]


matter of opinion..... tell u what, how about u rewrite his insult so it'd b funnier, then we'll judge it. deal?
i AM...
[Image: american_05.jpg]

everybody's always pickin' on Zura...poor little thing...
wanted..........dead or alive

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