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Have it just like dyno with % , but with test and tune also.

care to explain more on this dude ,

TNT is nothing close to dyno ...

how cud you flat line camber on ya car or tire pressure ...

dont see how it would work at all ..

(im guessing your good at dyno but crap at TNT ???)

i suck at both...

I think what he is trying to say, is give us a baseline of how well our car is Test N Tuned. The thing I see that hurting is the people that actually know how to test n tune.

I know how to test n tune , and dyno .... im good at both of them , i just think that a test and tune percentage should be added for your test and tune so you know how close to 100% your tuned. Test and tune is easy , yah , but im just saying it gets annoying whenever your tuning your car and say you lower your tire pressure down by one , and you get a lucky run with that tire pressure and get best ET , and 60's time with those settings but its like a 1 test wonder , so if you leave that as your setting you wont be 100%

example my front tires are 32 , and my 60' time is 1.230 , and thats perfectly tuned for my car in every setting , but so I lower it 1 more to check to see if it gets faster or slower , and this run actually lowers my cars performance but I get a 1 hit wonder since the numbers that your car run are based on random chance in a given test n tune setting. So you run 1.210 on this one , but all the other times if you test with this setting you run 1.250's and around that area.

I have never ran into that problem with the 60' time. Had that happen with the e/t.

Ive been test n tuning pretty much 24/7 lately , whenever i have credits and not sleepin anyways , but I run into this problem with 60's time , also the ET , but im just sayin theres already a perfectage thing on the dyno , why not test and tune also.

theres not even a point to have % for dyno since test and tune you just get a flat line , then raise your sparkplug or lower by 3 , and see if you increase or decrease in power , so I think we need for test and tune also , or if we can only have for just one , still think it would be better to have it on test and tune , since test and tune is harder to do , and the numbers are unpredictable , while the numbers in dyno are static so no way to fuck up unless your a retard or forget a number that you were putting in or something.

by doing this it would take away from the people who actually know how to properly Test N Tune. As of right now the Dyno doesnt even matter once you get in the higher levels. you can have a stock 100 HP car and close to what you would if you had 1000 HP. I personally think that there should not be a % marker for the TnT, that way the people who spend the extra credits and knowledge to learn how to properly TnT will have that advantage

yea hardout mike ,
If u want TNT to be easyer Zantyr learn how to do it right then this topic is done.

took me ages to get dyno and TNT down

i know how to test and tune right , if people would listen to what i typed , and actually listened to it that would be great Smile , but alright. Ill still be seeing all of you from #1 Spot very soon

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