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level 20 porsche 911

how the hell you get down to 9.759. no matter how much i tune, i can only get to 9.80 fastest.. grr :mad:

does having stock tires make it run faster? or the dampers and suspension?

the time you want is 9.758, try tnt again and make sure you have the highest handeling rating of 735
ill bring you hell

i got handling of 737 but i still run slow. man!

then what u have to do is figure out the best possible power rating as well Wink

the easiest way to do that is take a stock 911 and add 1 part at a time then dyno'ing and figuring out which part gives u the greatest incline in horsepower per set of parts and then when u get done doing all those install ur nitrous and the correct parts and ur good to go

im still stumped on how you got down to 9.758... boo..

it takes time. You got to test out the different parts to find the right part. THen you need to add all the upgrades, and with the proper TnT you will achieve that. I dont think that its worth the trouble unless you are going for IDE

I wouldn't think you'd need ALL the upgrades, but maybe the boost/nitro stages would help, I dunno.
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all i got to say is i got porsche 911
hr: 737
tnt: 9.761 ;[
spam a shit load til i finally get 9.758
what i think is its not really about the pr its more of the hr with tnt then your luck on spamming the ww3
all in all some cars depends on pr for better timing in ww3 and some dont

note that it's the RE050 tires on the list

[Image: 911.jpg]
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